Monday, October 13, 2008

Chairs for two to curl up in

These windows frame the scene of continuous change in our garden and in the park across the street. In every season there is something breathtaking to see. Fall is putting on the show this week and before long, the white of winter will stage the final performance of the year. This is our favourite spot to take work breaks and linger over coffee. When Mr. 163 is away, I sit here infrequently, preferring to have my java at my desk. But company is on its way. Tomorrow Mr. 163 will board a plane bound for home. With each hour of flight and each meridian crossed, degrees of separation will slip away and 163 will be reduced to zero again. I know that he is looking forward to getting back to this chair. Jigs is already on watch.

I have the Friendly Giant to thank for the title of this post. If you are a Canadian and grew up in the early days of television you know what I mean when I say "look up, look waaaay up and I'll call Rusty". The Friendly Giant, Bob Homme, was one of the pioneer's of children's television. The show was pretty simple. Friendly opened the drawbridge to the castle and invited you to take a seat in one of the miniature chairs in front of the fireplace. Then he chatted with his two friends, Rusty the rooster and Jerome the giraffe, and read them a story from a children's picture book. It was amazingly basic and low key, but as a kid I loved it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Late for the Ball!

Willow is having a big shindig over at her place today. I was busy getting these paper balloons ready for the Grand finale out in the garden. They are used at Thai festivals and are a little something to make Yul long for old Siam.