Sunday, January 31, 2010

give the man what he wants


When I emailed Lauchie and told him that it had snowed again, he immediately wrote back "Any more photos?". Rather then bore him with another round of shots of the Dingle woods, yesterday I braved the -20 c degree windchill to go on a downtown mission to find fresh views. During an errand run on Friday, I had noticed that the great iron gates of the Public Gardens were crusted in snow and the open fields of Citadel hill were drifted in white. I have not walked up to the Citadel in a long time and it was a great day for a trot around the ramparts. The air was bracing, the blue sky exhilarating and the hill was steeper then it looked. Jigs, my co-pilot, gave the destination two paws up.














Saturday, January 30, 2010

address to a haggis

burns night
Aye, 'tis Burns Night agin. A few of my friends have been gathering to toast the bard, Robbie Burns, for several years. We aren't true scotchophiles, it's just an excuse to get together for a mid-winter meal. Tonight my dinner contribution is the salad. I am sure those were few and far between in the Scotland of Burn's time. An improvised offering of greens with candied pepper pecans and a maple-whiskey dressing will have to suffice. Up your kilt! Scots Wahey!

Friday, January 22, 2010

el toro

A couple of nights ago we had a few inches of snow. It fell in soft perfect flakes all day and by evening, the road looked like this:


Which meant I had to start up this:


Propelling a roaring, banging monster up and down the driveway does take a bit of the romance out of the moment. I was glad to shut it off, put it back in its cave and enjoy the silence. The pinky sky and snow laden branches were spectacular the next morning and the beauty of it has lingered. It almost makes the shoveling worth it. Almost, Lauchie, almost.






Tuesday, January 19, 2010

back on the bunny hill


I have not had a set of sticks on my feet in over a decade and was not sure if I could even keep myself vertical. When I was in university, my aunt married a ski crazy man and he infected the whole family with his passion for the sport. My younger brother became a fantastic skier who could helicopter off of jumps and bust across a mogul field in seconds flat. At my best, I could get up and down the hill without falling. My brother kept skiing while my interest and abilities flagged. It took a 9 year old boy to get me back out on the snow. My godson was keen to try it and I asked my brother to come out and show him the ropes. The tow rope that is. That's how I found myself out on the slopes on a magnificent winter day wondering why I hadn't gotten there sooner.

It was lovely to watch all the kids learning how to snowplow or pizza slice as they call it now. It made me think of my uncle and how pleased he would be to see another new skier being minted. He was a tireless worker and he was devoted to a number of causes but skiing was his great love. He co-founded Canada's Nancy Green Ski League and personally, with great patience, taught hundreds to ski. And in his spirit we pass the torch to the next generation.






Thanks Bro! You are still the coolest kid brother around.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

if january 17th is your birthday

...this is your horoscope:

jan 17-2010

Happy Birthday Lauchie! It seems that you are in for quite a time. You might even make your own fireworks this year.

I did not make this up. Sally Brompton from the Globe and Mail did. I might have told her to put in the wonderful part.

There will be one humdinger of a party to celebrate when you get back and when the tunes start to play, I have a feeling that most of the dance moves are going to look like the ones in this video...which proves that you did more then knock back rum and cokes at the Arrows Club. Put on your hot pants, your velvet jacket and fringed boots. Let's boogie!

Thanks to Courtney at inside the loop for the youtube find. It's a keeper.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

vitamin d


Just what the doctor ordered. A sunny morning to break up the grey and as an added bonus; temperatures above zero. I thought I spotted a couple of seals just off of the seawall. I was disappointed to see snorkels and scuba tanks break the surface...crazy divers out in the murky North Atlantic in January.





Friday, January 15, 2010

moody blue

Dingle tower

Gloom is the key descriptor this winter. Leaden grey skies have outnumbered brilliant cyans by a factor of two to one. This evening the slate colours had a blue cast and the arm was still enough to reflect the city lights. I marched around hatless and my ears did not break off and fall to the ground which was a nice change from a couple of days ago.

As you can see, I have messing with the image sizes which has been jostling things around. I might have to call on Susan's rent-a-genius to fix it up.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

settling in for the long winter


I was anxious to see this fuzzy face when I got back home in December. My little pumpkin was looking very well padded after her 6 week stint at the mother of all dog spas, a.k.a. The Grandparents House. I was surprised that she was willing to come home with me when I picked her up. She gets even more treats there then she does at home.

She went snarfling through the garbage over the past weekend and has a bit of a rumbly tummy. Or maybe she just misses the alpha dog. The extra pudge is a little insurance against the weight loss brought on by her selections from the rubbish tin buffet. I have no fear that she will waste away to nothing while she is on her beef broth diet...she's packing a little extra.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

back through the looking glass

In early December we flew back from Thailand and landed smack dab in the middle of christmas prep. Sweltering Bangkok quickly receded into the background while we grabbed the seasonal cheer with both hands. Snow fell, presents were wrapped and the good times were shared with friends near and far. The holiday had to end sometime and yesterday Air Canada took Lauchie away again. He has popped out of the rabbit hole in Bangkok and has exchanged snowy lanes for melting pavement. I know that tonight he'll have the air conditioner set on Arctic just to compensate.