Wednesday, March 21, 2012

not on the level

do not move flooring sign
this just about sums it up

Jigs is posing in front of the floor which was laid, pulled up, numbered by row and neatly stacked for reinstallation.

shade from above
using paper models to test out the scale and shape of the light fixture in the void

does sarah richardson do tests like this?

Over the past couple of weeks our reno has veered into the reality-TV zone. The place where things go wrong, wires get crossed and the knock-on effect of the delay is felt by every other contractor in the process. The floors in this old house roll up and down like a ride at Disney world. We knew they were a problem but they have turned into a bigger problem then we anticipated and we had to order new flooring, reschedule the installation of the floor, installation of the kitchen, the countertops, the final get the drift. We were ahead of schedule and are now falling back a bit. Fingers crossed everyone. We need trucks to travel swiftly and the proper alignment of contractor schedules.

When you have been dealt a couple of bad hands in the reno roulette, there is nothing like a bit of demolition to get your heart back in the game. Last week we marked the end of an era with the demo of the old steps that led to the upper floor. They have been made redundant by the new stairway inside. The upper level doors will have railings across them without stairs.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

turning on the heat

you can have any colour you want as long as it is neutral

paint colour
colour enthusiasts may be a bit disappointed with my choice of grey

S&R guestroom
the susan/rachel guestroom is painted out to match benjamin moore's bleeker beige

upper level skylights
most of the open areas are painted in a very light grey which reads as warm white

doors to void
almost all of the doors have been hung, trimmed and painted

upper level closet
the shelving and built-in bits have been installed in the closets

jigs hall
Jigs is still wondering where her food dishes are going to go

foil layer
the upper floors were laid with a foil covering as preparation for the on-floor heat system

onfloor heat closeup
plywood "sleepers" create pathways for the hot water piping which is stapled into place

onfloor heat & feet
the plywood sleepers are screwed into the subfloor to secure them

TV room floor
TV room floor

upper level bedroom to hall
upper level bedroom to hall

upper level hall

upper level opening
upper level opening to kitchen

upper level opening south
upper level opening

2nd level to 1st
looking over the edge

Lauchie is home and is enjoying the reno up-close and personal. But he wants to make sure that my audience (he holds up two fingers to indicate the readers) is kept up to date on the activity on the jobsite. Most of the work that has gone on over the last two weeks is not very photogenic. The painting of white primer with almost white paint doesn't look like much. The installation of the on-floor heat system gave me something graphic to work with. More artworks from Tony the plumber. The weather today is gloriously sunny and the light pouring in through the new windows made us anxious to move back in. It won't be long now. The floors are scheduled for installation next Wednesday and the kitchen goes in the following week.