Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Late for the Ball!

Willow is having a big shindig over at her place today. I was busy getting these paper balloons ready for the Grand finale out in the garden. They are used at Thai festivals and are a little something to make Yul long for old Siam.


willow said...

Yul is excitedly whispering something in my ear about a Thai grand finale! Wow! This is even a surprise to me...thank you!! Here, have a glass of this wonderful vintage champagne before it's gone! :)

bohemian mummy said...

Hello Mlou
Just popping over this morning after Willow's ball last night. Wasn't it just the most wonderful evening?
I just wanted to say how beautiful your lanterns were. We recently had several people reporting strange lights in the sky, quite locally. People thought the aliens were invading, it turned out to be some lanterns! It even made the local paper!
I like your blog. I'll be back later to read some more.