Monday, August 3, 2009

a shout-out to lord shiva

The latest in lawn ornaments. Just what you need for a little light gardening.

Apparently I have the hindu god Shiva to thank for the creative destruction going on in my garden this week. When we moved into this house over a decade ago, a new porch and steps topped the list of things to replace. And then life happened and disturbed the order of our to-do list. The porch waited patiently, rotting and cracking as the years went along until finally it was its turn for remodeling. All of our home repair projects seem to involve all of the trades and this one is no exception. By the time this is complete we will have involved excavators, concrete guys, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and painters. 

We started the tear-down a few days ago and while it has been very painful to watch my garden get torn to shreds it helps me to think that this is the natural cycle of things. For something new to be created, something old must be destroyed. Or as Sarah Richardson would say: "sure, sure, ripping it out is the easy part. Putting it back together is the hard business"

the almighty "before" can regret but you can never return.