Tuesday, September 1, 2009

cue the crickets

You can feel it getting close; the surprise of an early sunset, a little snap to the breeze, a certain something to the light and you know it is upon you. Then there it is, September 1, the most melancholy of days. A day that makes you wish you had seized more opportunities, savored more sunshine and had been more grateful for the slack-tide of summer.

Grade School starts on Wednesday and all over town backpacks are being hunted down, pencils are being sharpened and lunches are being packed. I envy the students and the bright, clean slates that are laid before them tomorrow. Tabula Rasa. Next week the Universities will open their doors. Some students have probably already taken up residence and tonight as I looked across the Arm toward the Dalhousie campus I thought I could hear the whoops and laughter of this year's crop of giddy freshmen.

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Susan said...

beautiful photos xo su san