Saturday, December 5, 2009

the mother of all markets

now entering Dante's 10th circle

Chatuchak Weekend Market covers 35 acres and is divided into 15,000 stalls which are visited by over 200,000 people every weekend. It sells everything from live chipmunks to full size bronze horses. The crowd moves along like a fast rushing stream. If you see something you like, you must pull yourself out of the flow or else you will be swept along by the crush of people behind you. "Buy it when you see it" the guidebooks advise. You may never find it again in the labyrinth of narrow alleys packed to the rafters with goods and people. I spent the afternoon there today and I am still trying to decide whether it is a shopper's heaven or a shopaholic's hell. You can check in but you can never leave.
Just what you need...thingies in glass boxes
And how about those textiles...there must be 500 stalls just like this.
rambutans and mangosteens
The original Dollar Store has been found. It's been hiding out at Chatuchak.
snack on the ubiquitous Thai fishball
why buy one elephant purse when you can buy a half dozen?
Just be careful with that swinging handbag.
No bulls allowed in this china shop.
the ring road around the stalls is not as claustrophobic as the alleyways.
what colour do you want?
and you wanted a necklace?...only about 6,000 stalls selling beads, pearls and adornments.
fresh young coconut milk which you can drink straight out of the original package.
Cowboys!! I told you they sell everything. Susan sees cowboys in clouds, but I wasn't seeing things. Listen to the Blue Mountain Boys picking and singing here.


Susan said...

live chipmunks - don't tell B Shamu. Some mighty fine cowboys ya got over there. Thai bluegrass so very cool !

Big Shamu said...

Too late, she's here.

Those rambutans are HUGE. My mouth is now officially watering.

Maria said...

Thanks for a great tour around the market. Wow! what don´t they sell there?
Take care.