Thursday, August 4, 2011

road trip

Acadia signpost

Back in mid-june we packed our bags, headed down the TransCanada highway, took a left in New Brunswick and followed the I95 into the heart of Maine. The weather gods were on our side. This summer has been one of the soggiest on record yet we basked in sunshine for three days. Acadia National Park was the highlight. Thanks to John D. Rockefeller's road building obsession, the park boasts an extensive network of carriage roads which are a treat to explore. We rented a pair of bikes and Lauchie got a gold star for not complaining about wearing a goofy helmet. Not even one grumble. His restraint was a show of stoic manliness.

granite tunnel



frenchmens bay 2

bike rider

granite tunnel detail

barharbour island




rachel said...

Beautiful. Except for the helmet.....

Susan said...

Some gorgeous photos here !! Love the top one and that red boat, the light, the clouds ... oh my !! xoxoxo s

Susan said...

ps. Is that Daniel Craig I see, in Acadia National Park, with a bike helmet & knapsack ?? It can't be ;-)