Wednesday, March 21, 2012

not on the level

do not move flooring sign
this just about sums it up

Jigs is posing in front of the floor which was laid, pulled up, numbered by row and neatly stacked for reinstallation.

shade from above
using paper models to test out the scale and shape of the light fixture in the void

does sarah richardson do tests like this?

Over the past couple of weeks our reno has veered into the reality-TV zone. The place where things go wrong, wires get crossed and the knock-on effect of the delay is felt by every other contractor in the process. The floors in this old house roll up and down like a ride at Disney world. We knew they were a problem but they have turned into a bigger problem then we anticipated and we had to order new flooring, reschedule the installation of the floor, installation of the kitchen, the countertops, the final get the drift. We were ahead of schedule and are now falling back a bit. Fingers crossed everyone. We need trucks to travel swiftly and the proper alignment of contractor schedules.

When you have been dealt a couple of bad hands in the reno roulette, there is nothing like a bit of demolition to get your heart back in the game. Last week we marked the end of an era with the demo of the old steps that led to the upper floor. They have been made redundant by the new stairway inside. The upper level doors will have railings across them without stairs.


Susan said...

spooky, serious music
yes I'm sure Sarah does & that Missy J she's such a good poser xo s + gang

rachel said...

It just gets better and better, doesn't it, despite the hiccups and the setbacks. What a home you shall have!