Friday, April 13, 2012

christmas morning

cabinet boxes
cabinet boxes are fastened to the walls

island as worksite
doors and maple end panels are attached to cabinet boxes

island as worksite-to 2nd level
looking up...

kitchen-through void
....looking down

Lauchie's new library

island sink side
hardware installed

the post

kitchen view to stairs

island view to hall

kitchen island-outside

The kitchen installation must be the most anticipated event in the reno process. Just like kids at christmas, we made up our wish list, sent it in to our kitchen man and counted the days until it would be delivered. Our builder Charles Lantz and his team of elves unpacked their big sack of goodies this week and left a bright and shiny kitchen under the tree for us. Remember the kind of smile you wore when santa left your favourite toy? Well, my smile is that big.

Next up are the countertops. The stone supplier has made his measurements and our order goes in the queue for cutting. In a few weeks will see these guys again.