Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Looking west toward Ao Chalong Bay

Say it like pooh bear would...poohket. Not the other way. We flew down to the island of Phuket last Wednesday but I have not been able to do any posting. The internet connection at the hotel is not robust and I've been slipping in and out of contact like a sunbather dipping in and out of a pool.

The 2004 Tsunami brought infamy to Phuket. While the memory of the devastation is close to the surface, the island has recovered and the tourists have returned. We are camped out at the quiet end of the island, Cape Panwa, far from the crazed beaches of Patong. From our balcony we have views of the bays of Ao Chalong and Ao Yon and we have been filling our days with sailing and lounging. Well, Lauchie has also spent a lot of time complaining loudly about the 33 degree (Celsius) weather and I have been ignoring him.

Longtail boats are common in Thailand. Huge car or truck engines are mounted on the stern and a propellor is attached to the engine's drive shaft. The sputtering prop kicks up spray giving the boat a very long tail.

Boats are blessed and spirits are honoured with scarves and flowers draped around the prow.

Orchids grow easily in this sultry climate and they are abundant enough to garnish the most lowly of beach bar drinks.

Yesterday we watched this white fuffy cloud boil into a squall in a matter of minutes.

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judy in ky said...

I want to come and take sailing lessons! Beautiful photos.