Monday, November 2, 2009

zebra crossing

Most Thais believe that there are ghosts and spirits everywhere. They should be appeased and consulted regularly to maintain good relations. They might also be tempted into interceding on your behalf if you ask nicely. If you promise that they will be rewarded, with say a shot of whiskey and a couple of cigarettes or a garland of flowers, they just might help out. Apparently the deity that lives in this tree is keen on expanding his collection of zebra figurines. I spotted this herd on my way to the mall a couple of days ago. Yesterday I crossed over to the other side of the main street, Lat Phrao, to take a photo. I would love to talk to this spirit and find out why it prefers these african beasties.

Around the necks of some of the statues are flower garlands and scarves. Flower necklaces used as offerings or welcome gifts are typically thai and you find them for sale in stalls and shops everywhere. This Phuang Malai , an intricate string of fresh jasmine buds, roses and chrysanthemums, set me back 100 baht, about $3.50.


Susan said...

Help ! I've fallen and I can't get up. Having troubles with Skype how about ichat - that is if I don't collapse soon from trembling happiness. I must catch up with all these beautiful posts. Merci Madam. Love you !

judy in ky said...

Beautiful and fascinating! I can see why the deity loves the zebras so much. The flower necklaces are so pretty.

Suz Broughton said...

I am really enjoying your posts from Thailand. I loved this one particularly.