Friday, June 3, 2011

she works for scale

Jigs 1

Plant pictures are nice and all, but sometimes you need to lend a sense of proportion to the image. If I was a geologist, I'd probably put a ruler in for scale or go really wild and crazy and put in a shovel. I am fortunate to have a wheaten terrier ready to hand and if you can overlook her complete disobedience, she makes a trusty assistant.

Observe. A path without a wheaten terrier:

path without jigs

A path with a wheaten terrier:

jigs on path

Much better don't you think? A little more life in the frame. Her stage entrances are a bit late but she works for kibble and doesn't talk back.

She's terrific for scale. How would you know this rhodie is a gangly, lanky thing unless she showed you the whole tree:

jigs mezit

And if the scene requires it she can even break out her acting skills. Here she is with a melodramatic sniff:

jigs sniff

For background performance work she drops her rates:

jigs blur

pink rhodie closeup


polypodium old growth

polypodium new

rhodie jungle

through daphne

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rachel said...

Nice photos, but better with the terrier..... A cat would add a certain je ne sais quoi too.....