Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday Shadows

My friend Su-san and I are like chalk and cheese when it comes to our sleeping schedules. She puts her head under her wing as soon as it gets dark... which is just about the time my inner night owl clocks in for her shift. I like being up early but I just don't like getting up early. On that rare occasion that I am vertical before sunrise, I love to get outside and watch the day start. This past Saturday was glorious. The rising sun was painting great long shadows against the snow and piercing the Dingle Tower.

The sun was lined up directly with the tower opening. I'll probably never know whether this is a daily occurrence or a Stonehenge-like, annual phenomenon.

We puzzled over these marks in the snow before realizing that they are made by the wing tips of Crows. Crow Angles.

The tail-end of a storm brought a freezing sleet which formed a white concrete crust. Looks like a punch-thru to me.

Jigs investigated and reported on the skim of ice on the Arm. "No skating here boss."

The deep freeze of the last week has not de-babbled the brook

The rolling hills and little bay seem so ideal that you would think Capability Brown had a hand in the park planning. I wonder if he would approve.


Susan said...

absolutely beautiful !!
and I love the crow angels

J. said...

The "crow angels" are cool, and I'm the kind of person who likes to watch the sun rise from the other side of midnight as well.

Mmm said...

amazing pics. Where do you live now?

Mmm said...

Nver mind, Halifax, got it! didn't see that at first!