Friday, February 6, 2009

York Redoubt

Just after quitting time, Jigs and I drove out to York Redoubt to stretch our legs and catch the fading light. The site has a commanding view of the Halifax Harbour and it is a favourite haunt for dog walkers. And amazingly enough, it is only 8 minutes (driving at 50km per hour) from Su-san's post-lottery neighbourhood. Yes, Ms B. it is true. City and nature in one tidy package. We arrived as they were closing the fort doors and had to keep to the trails outside of the walls. The fortifications were originally built in 1793 but have been added to and changed over the past couple of centuries. Tracks through the woods lead to crumbling WWII shelters and gun emplacements. The buildings are not well preserved but enough remains to give you a sense of the place during wartime. On a frigid day like today I can imagine that it must have been a god forsaken place to be posted for the winter.

These icicles must have been the inspiration for the tin foil variety

My camera isn't up to the job of capturing the lighthouse on Hangman's Beach

There was no sallying through the sallyport today

It was clear enough to see Thrumcap and beyond to Devil's Island


Cynthia said...

Beautiful shots-especially the last one. The tiny moon, pinkish sky and lovely tree cut-outs delight...beautiful images. I'm just over from Susan at 29 Black Street. You do live in a beautiful part of the world.

Susan said...

Beautiful photos ... you're working your magic girlfriend. love ya, xo su san

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Such lovely photos, and your furry friend does remind me of Edward!