Thursday, January 14, 2010

settling in for the long winter


I was anxious to see this fuzzy face when I got back home in December. My little pumpkin was looking very well padded after her 6 week stint at the mother of all dog spas, a.k.a. The Grandparents House. I was surprised that she was willing to come home with me when I picked her up. She gets even more treats there then she does at home.

She went snarfling through the garbage over the past weekend and has a bit of a rumbly tummy. Or maybe she just misses the alpha dog. The extra pudge is a little insurance against the weight loss brought on by her selections from the rubbish tin buffet. I have no fear that she will waste away to nothing while she is on her beef broth diet...she's packing a little extra.


Big Shamu said...

She is so cute. OK it's true, I love just about any dog. But I'm also really loving those pillows a lot.

Susan said...

Hey there Missy J !!
xo Miss D and Piper Belle

we're lovin' the sofa avec beautiful pillows