Tuesday, January 19, 2010

back on the bunny hill


I have not had a set of sticks on my feet in over a decade and was not sure if I could even keep myself vertical. When I was in university, my aunt married a ski crazy man and he infected the whole family with his passion for the sport. My younger brother became a fantastic skier who could helicopter off of jumps and bust across a mogul field in seconds flat. At my best, I could get up and down the hill without falling. My brother kept skiing while my interest and abilities flagged. It took a 9 year old boy to get me back out on the snow. My godson was keen to try it and I asked my brother to come out and show him the ropes. The tow rope that is. That's how I found myself out on the slopes on a magnificent winter day wondering why I hadn't gotten there sooner.

It was lovely to watch all the kids learning how to snowplow or pizza slice as they call it now. It made me think of my uncle and how pleased he would be to see another new skier being minted. He was a tireless worker and he was devoted to a number of causes but skiing was his great love. He co-founded Canada's Nancy Green Ski League and personally, with great patience, taught hundreds to ski. And in his spirit we pass the torch to the next generation.






Thanks Bro! You are still the coolest kid brother around.

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Maria said...

Fantastic pictures. A wonderful way to enjoy the snow ... I miss that ... it brought back memories to see your pictures. Thanks.