Sunday, January 17, 2010

if january 17th is your birthday

...this is your horoscope:

jan 17-2010

Happy Birthday Lauchie! It seems that you are in for quite a time. You might even make your own fireworks this year.

I did not make this up. Sally Brompton from the Globe and Mail did. I might have told her to put in the wonderful part.

There will be one humdinger of a party to celebrate when you get back and when the tunes start to play, I have a feeling that most of the dance moves are going to look like the ones in this video...which proves that you did more then knock back rum and cokes at the Arrows Club. Put on your hot pants, your velvet jacket and fringed boots. Let's boogie!

Thanks to Courtney at inside the loop for the youtube find. It's a keeper.


mary said...

This is great. Lorna may still have her hot pants and I am sure the guys have some of those snazzy outfits hiding in their closets. We will definitely get some dancing in with the oldies. Mary

Big Shamu said...

Oh hella yes, I want Don Cornelius's tie. Plaid hot pants are the bomb.

Lorna said...

I saw Mary and Lauchie and Doug and Steve and oh yeah, me! Not sure those hot pants will fit #@$%$&^#$

Doug said...

Hey man, they stole all my moves.Can't wait to get down and boogey.Get down..,get down..get down..get down... You know what I mean,jelly bean.

Susan said...

Bonne Fait Année - Lauchness
much love xo - Susan, the sisters (PB & Miss D)avec les Chats of Black Street

suejim.scott said...
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