Wednesday, May 20, 2009

antonio gaudi

Sea sponge? Strawberry cheese?

Rare soft pink coral?

No, this is the work of the master architect Ant-onio Gaudi, the carpenter ant (or "chaarpinter ant" as Tom deSilva would say). The little buggers love rigid pink styrofoam insulation and have been helping themselves. We found a mess of them in the end wall when we renovated last year and I saved this bit of Ant Art. I've had an invasion this spring as the rest of the clan searches my house for blank canvases to express their muse. I wouldn't hazard to guess what the R Value of this is now.


Pherenike said...

Hey wow that IS quite beautiful. Ants eat styrofoam you say?

MLou said...

I don't think they actually eat it. They just tear it apart to create their nests. In this case, very funky nests.

Susan said...

gasp ... although 'tis tres beautiful handiwork and I'm thrilled that you think so too. After all caaaarpentah Ants are people too. Wink.