Monday, May 25, 2009

the river kwai

Willow's post motivated me to dig up a few photos from a 2008 jaunt to Kanchanaburi, a town a few hours west of Bangkok. The town sits on the bank of the sleepy River Kwai and it is at this site that the famous bridge spans the water. The bridge was rebuilt after the war and the graves of the POW who died during the building of the Death Railway were relocated to large cemeteries in the town.
We set up home base at the charming PLOY guesthouse and hired a songthaew (a small pickup truck) and a driver to take us on a round of sites. As with most places on the back-packer trail, there is a circuit of regional highlights and a competitive mob of drivers/tour operators who ply the well worn track between them. We made stops at the Erawan National Park and The Tiger Temple before heading back to town on the train that still runs along the Death Railway route.
the immaculate POW cemetery
the tiger temple
can I keep him?  natural pools at the Erawan National Park. no Disney effects here.
train station at Wangyen yellow benches lit by golden light

early in the evening, party barges are pulled up river and then left to noisily drift back down river with the current

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Susan said...

More beautiful images and that photo of you surrounded by yellow benches and incredible light is especially beautiful.

I am tres envious of your world travels and adventures with L. but nice to vicariously go along for bits of each trip. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Thailand's coast - the beaches and islands.