Friday, May 8, 2009

just fetching

One bright Sunday in mid-March, when many of our friends were strolling the sandy shores of the Caribbean, we donned our Michelin Man sized parkas and headed for Martinique Beach. At 5kms long it is reputed to be Nova Scotia's longest sand beach. The biting cold did nothing to diminish the sparkle of the Atlantic or the sound of the simmering surf hitting the sand. And Jigs thought it had potential as a venue for the North Atlantic Senior Dog Fetching Trials.

The beach is backed by long ridge of dunes which protects an extensive wetland area.

I kept my eyes peeled for sand dollars.

It didn't take Jigs long to zero in on a stick.

Throw it again!


Mr Lee said...

Thank you so much for your kind words on our blog.We will continue our efforts.We hope we can keep in touch.
Wish you a pleasant day!

Olga said...

Sweet dog! I liked the pictures very much - so sunny and beautiful!

Susan said...

fetching fetching and beautiful photos. xo s