Sunday, May 3, 2009


I woke to the sound of a muted foghorn and knew that Jigs and I would be taking our morning walk in a heavy mist. I love the bellowing tone and welcome the reminder that the sea is close at hand. Not all of the residents of this coastal town share my opinion and a couple of horns were silenced when downtown condo dwellers complained that they were disturbing their sleep. Apparently the Canadian Coast Guard complied without much of a qualm. The horns are not that effective. The sound bounces around in the fog and doesn't help you find the rocks it is trying to warning you about. GPS navigation systems will probably make the horns redundant and I will miss them when they are gone.

That seaweed looks like Bladder wrack to me

Jigsy The Lionheart stands guard at the Dingle Tower

The greening of the forest floor has begun


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Susan said...

that Missy J - she's to cool for school. Love ya S & Miss D

Susan said...

ps LOVE the new banner !!!!!