Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the big one

sunrise over scaffold
the sun coming through the scaffold

window tied down
the scaffold was used to get this big guy...

old upper level window
...up to the upper level to replace the 4 paned window above the door

large window installed
the builder told me that I probably shouldn't watch when they installed this one. They snapped it in pretty quickly and without a trip to the emergency ward

large window straight
it looks like this on the inside

large window view to tv room
view toward tv room

view to opening
view toward opening

the corner bead has been added to bookcase openings

scaffold in stairwell

office view to foyer
office view to foyer

upper window-view to northwest arm
tv room view toward northwest arm

crows from window
crow flypast. the top of dingle tower is just visible through the trees

just in case this is all getting too romantic...the worksite looks like this

They drywall tapers are quietly moving from corner to corner as they install corner beading and mesh. At this phase of the job, women have made their first appearance on the job site. There is a woman hanging drywall and another woman has joined the team of tapers. Otherwise, it has been an all-boy crew doing the work. One of the tapers wears metal stilts which make him seem like a creature from starwars. The stilts are so cool. I wish I had a pair. Think of what you could do with them on halloween!


BumbleVee said...

New windows will be a big part of our final renovation this spring/summer..... I like the configuration of the 3 panes.... looks great....

I don't really want to be around when anything is being installed ... on one reno in the past... a granite installer lost part of a finger in the hole for the faucet...ick... poor guy....

Deanne Fitzpatrick said...

it is gorgeous, I love the downstairs especially