Monday, February 20, 2012

building inspector

building inspector
jc landry inspects site

kitchen view to back
kitchen view to backyard

sun over airwell
a few of the boards covering the airwell have been removed and you can glimpse the lower level.

last week the trim work began. "susan's room" has one window trimmed out.

trim office window
the office trim is almost finished.


office view to foyer
the doors are being hung

view from office
view of the front garden from the new office window

the new blue boiler that will keep us warm

My father loves building things almost as much as he loves talking to people. Construction sites offer the perfect marriage of both. Anything under construction is fair game and he casually drops into building sites and chats with anyone who will answer his questions. Folks are surprisingly free with information and he usually comes away from each visit with a wealth of technical advice and a full background report on personalities involved. We joke that he is the local building inspector and I think some people might think he really is official. Needless to say, our renovation is of great interest to him and he's been keeping tabs on everything through the blog (hi dad!) and with his site visits. He signed off on the trim work last week and got some good tips on mud application from the tapers.


rachel said...

That's a boiler???? It's HUGE! Does it come with its own stoker?

rachel said...

Sorry, forgot to add how exciting this is. Why don't you live closer, so that I could just drop in casually and ask questions too? I'd be there every other day!

Eunice said...

Your father sounds a lot like my 85yr old dad - a finish carpenter by trade (retired, of course). He loves to take note of any new construction ideas.

Your house reno is lovely, especially with the natural light streaming in thru the new windows. It amazing how rooms take shape once the drywall is installed.

Have fun - can't wait to see the finished product :)

Susan said...

WOW ! your new home is breathtakingly beautiful & oh those views from your new kitchen. You must be feeling thrilled & they really are "zooming" along. I cannot wait to stand in the foyer + more xo s

lovely shot of VIP BI

Susan said...

OMG I missed the "susan's" room !
GORGEOUS !! Bonjour May 6th weekend !

Susan said...

tap, tap, tap ...
a new post please
xoxo s

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