Wednesday, February 15, 2012

wide angle

kitchen windows
new kitchen window installation

kitchen window wide
trying out a wide angle lens on the windows

foyer-to kitchen
foyer view to kitchen

over foyer
void over foyer


upper level library shelves
upper level library shelves

upper level hall-view to TV room
upper level hall - view to TV room

TV media room
TV room

upper level view to TV room
upper level view to TV room

upper bedroom to hall
upper level bedroom view to hall

upper level bedroom


The last of the windows went in today. Two windows for the kitchen were held back until the cabinets could be installed underneath the openings. When the countertop comes it will extend into the sill so the windows had to hung at just the right height. The drywallers continue to tape, sand and fill the gyroc and the plumber has been busy installing the boiler for the heating system.

I'm trying out a new lens on my camera. The Lumix GF1 came with a 20mm lens which takes great images but was not giving me much scope for the wide angles needed for these interiors. I wish I had been using this from the beginning of the reno. Everything looks spacious and grand. This must be how real estate agents make one room shoe boxes look's all smoke and mirrors.


rachel said...

When I was house hunting online, I could spot the wide angled lens look because doors became square, rather than rectangular; I took to counting the floor tiles to get a more accurate idea of size!

Your house is SO exciting! Each post gets more and more thrilling.

Susan said...

ah-mazing !! & yes exciting + thrilling ! Lauchie must be so looking forward to coming home
xo S + Gang