Sunday, February 5, 2012

stone harbour



swatches and handle

stone harbour


dogs across grass


peggy cove village



jigs looking back

jigs in sunlight

windswept jigs


While the builders and drywallers clip along, I am grinding out the decisions on finishes and fittings. The stone counter top was going to be easily matched up with warm grey cabinets. It was going to be a cinch. The stone is rich and boasts an array of grey tones. Thinking of something as in the bag is usually a prelude to difficulty and this has been the case. Finding the right grey hasn't been so simple. I've bought test pots for a couple of choices and still think I have to go deeper. Today I needed a break from my poetically named paint colours and took a walk along the barrens of Nova Scotia's most famous stone harbour – Peggy's Cove. At -10 c the temperatures were brisk but the sunshine and the happy dogs warmed it up.

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rachel said...

Grey is so difficult to get right! Too easy to go into blue, or into wet concrete, or school playground.... I'm busy doing exactly the same thing for my dining room.

Definitely having a touch of Farrow & Ball's Downpipe somewhere, though!