Friday, February 3, 2012

the incredible whiteness of being

guest closets
closets in the susan/english visitor suite

the skylights are almost boxed in. the drywallers removed the safety rails around the opening and planked it over to use as a staging for the higher walls.

look beyond the piles of tools and imagine built-in bookshelves filling these slots.

Hall looking toward bedroom
view toward upper level bedroom

view into media room
view into tv room through opening

media room
TV wall in media room. the TV will hang on the wall and electronics will be in a cabinet that will fit into the opening below.

bedroom door
doors in upper level bedroom

upper level bedroom
upper level bedroom

from upper level bedroom to hall
view from upper level bedroom to hall

upper level bathroom
upper level bathroom

into the chute!
the process of hanging the drywall creates hundreds of off-cut bits which are being tossed through the floor opening...

kitchen view
...into a big pile on the kitchen floor.

the tub has been delivered. the protective plastic covering makes it look like a salad bowl covered in saran wrap.

Just as the sun was going down tonight, I snapped a few shots of the changing colours of Dingle Road. Like a winter storm changing fall to winter, the 3 person team of drywallers has been gradually turning the house white. Gone are the yellows and golds of the timber framing. Wood elements will return when the flooring is laid and the bookcases are in but for now it is a dusty white world. The mud arrives tomorrow and with that stage comes another blanket of gypsum snow.


rachel said...

The English visitor likes the cupboards (wardrobes, closets, presses), thank you!

I'm so impressed by all the planning that goes into this. Do you sometimes feel a pang of fearfulness about having forgotten something that you won't remember until it's too late? I would!

MLou said...

rachel, I am one big pang. Trying to push away the "shoulda, coulda, wouldas" is major work for me. My zen master in Thailand is helping me to remember to enjoy the process.

Susan said...

"I am one big pang"

now that's a great quote - instead of ping, ping, ping it's a pang, pang, pang ... tres differenté.

All I can say is Wow !! & all those jealous readers I'm booked in at Casa Dingle for an early May sleep over - can you say Susan's Suite ? xoxo s + gang

lots of reciprocating sawing here at Black St - plumbing (sung by a chorus of angels)