Tuesday, January 31, 2012

walls and windows

window delivery
is there anything more exciting then a delivery truck filled with new windows?

window in crate
I had my fingers and toes crossed when they unloaded the first window

window trim
the factory finish is a perfect match for the existing trim

office windows
the office windows

TVroom view
a view of snowy rooftops from the TV room

bathroom window
a new window for the upper level bathroom

hallway view to guestroom

Guest room
Susan's room has walls

kitchen view

view to office
from the foyer to the office

office door to foyer
the office walls are going up

office windows from inside

gyproc note
the instructions to the drywall installers are very direct. in the stairwell, some surfaces will be finished in wood so the notes are written on the stud walls to avoid confusion


It is very clear to me that I am not Sarah Richardson. This popular home reno TV personality is on record as saying she does not agonize over decisions. She works hard to make good choices and lets it go. I am a card carrying member of the agonize party. I selected and did trials on 4 trim colours before settling on the combo we applied a couple of years ago. New windows for the renovation posed a problem. Most windows come with white trim and we had to find a window that would give us the colour range we needed. Norwood windows solved the problem. The have a factory finish paint job that is available in hundreds of colours.

The easi-lite wallboard is going up fast and every day there is another surface to reflect the light. Hold on to your hat, this train is moving fast.


rachel said...

Susan's room? Is there (small voice) a room for English visitors at all?

Val said...

I'm fascinated by your blog. I've supervised some additions and renovations to various houses but nothing along the scale of your building operations. And you're doing it all on your own!

MLou said...

rachel...English visitors are welcomed with open arms!