Monday, January 16, 2012

everybody's doing it

wrapped tower
the Dingle Tower has been under renovation since last fall (photo Jan 2011)

the wraps are starting to come off

the tower is blindfolded

a crane hovers over a new building at Dalhousie University

Fleming Park has become the staging area for work on the seawall

these stones make our wall blocks look like pebbles

can I come down now?

It has been "furry hat" cold for the last couple of days

Jigs opts for all over fur

There is a disconnect between the doom and gloom of the economic news and the building boom I see around me. The contractors tell me that they are busier then they have ever been and all of their associates are rolling in work. Our little park has seen a received some TLC as well. The work to refurbish the 100 year old Dingle Tower is just about finished and they are beginning major construction on the seawall. A huge pile of granite boulders has been growing daily. The blocks are colossal and it will be interesting to watch this project unfold.

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rachel said...

It will indeed. Not as interesting as your house, though!