Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the gyprock is coming, the gyprock is coming!

stack of gyprock
even "light weight" gypsum board is heavy. nobody wants to hump it into the job site piece by piece.

delivery truck
huge boom trucks are made for the job. everyone should have one.

window delivery
excellent drivers with amazing parking skills are mandatory

plywood window
the ultra handy delivery port has been boarded up to keep out the cold

closet storage for pink insulation

TV room to hall
we are at a messy phase, the spaces are filled with sheetrock and insulation

upper level hall
upper level hall

now that the skylights are boxed in, I wish we looked into opening up the trusses to provide a wider opening. ...budget, did someone say budget?

upper level bedroom
upper level bedroom

Running a renovation must be something like running a circus. The flow of money needed to keep contractors in supplies seems equivalent to the quantities of cash needed to keep herds of animals in hay and performers on the payroll. Both groups have voracious appetites. Then there is the action. Every day, people and machines rush about in all directions and quite often you get treated to amazing displays of talent, precision and daring. Today we had a high-wire act. Heavy stacks of gypsum board were swung merrily through the trees and scarcely a twig was broken in the exercise. OK, these guys don't wear spandex, but you get the idea.


rachel said...

Thrills and no spills - wonderful!. Hang the expense - the result is going to be so worth it.

These drivers are amazing, aren't they? I took a photograph of my enormous removals wagon being reversed so skilfully down the narrow street past the pub and round a corner, with about 6 inches to spare on either side. Only when I saw it on my computer screen did I realise that, because of the bright sun, the driver had one hand on the steering wheel, and the other shading his eyes!

Peggy said...

Easi-Lite wallboard?? The editors will have a field day