Sunday, January 15, 2012

house guts

shiny new vents

a duct to nowhere

laundry room
getting ready for the washer and dryer

hobo code for dryer
hobo code for dryer

guest room window
the window in the guest room

guest room bathroom door
pocket door for bathroom entrance

shear wall
reinforced shear wall in foyer

the closets in the office have been framed in

a small dog waiting patiently for it all to be over

When I thought about renovating the house, the finishes and the space came first to mind. My head spun with ideas about how it might look and I mentally tallied how much it might cost. I thought about how difficult it would be choose all of this stuff and how long it would take to be installed. Thoughts about the house "guts" barely entered my mind. The important and time consuming processes of installing venting, putting in rough-ins and setting up air exchangers were not even a twinkle in my mind's eye. Should have thought about that because it is almost all about that. "That" being the highly unglamorous stuff behind the walls. The changes over the past week have not been dramatic and it is hard to see the wires, vents and pipes tucked in behind the framework, but they are there and that step is almost complete. Next up is the city's framing inspection and then on to insulation! With temperatures around -13 degrees celsius, the heat is rolling right out through the walls and I am anxious to see some fluff between us and the great Canadian winter.


Susan said...

it really is amazing to imagine that this is how your house "is" now/ Love the shot of Missy J & we're lovin' the blow by blow avec photos. xos

rachel said...

How interesting to see what the guts really are, and to know what will eventually be hidden. In my house, built of what is unattractively termed 'rubblestone', we can have no idea at all of what may be hidden inside the walls!