Sunday, January 1, 2012

a reno blog

For years, "Find architect to talk about renovation" has been a perpetual item on our to-do list. We bought our house in 1994 and after several months of ownership, our flat roof sprang a rather spectacular leak which led to a new pitched roof with provision for a second storey addition. For years, the second story space remained vacant while we dreamed up the possible scenarios for redevelopment. Last January we found an architect to help us and we spent many months scoping out plans and hiring contractors. On the 12th of December the demo team was unleashed and the reno began. I snapped a couple of Before Shots as we were packing up the place. The past is already a dim memory and the future is unfolding daily. Oh lord, what have we done.

down the hall [double-click to see full image]

the old kitchen

looking from the TV area into the kitchen

the kitchen is moving to the back of the house and ceiling will open to the second storey
[double-click to see full image]


an area previously known as the bathroom

the second storey


rachel said...

Oh my, I have to go and have a lie down now! This is SO EXCITING!!!!!!! My idea of heaven....

Can we have weekly updates?Meantime, the mantra I use is:

It Will All Be Worth It In The End

and it will!

Susan said...

WOWee !! ah-mazing + incredible where did that home go ?? it will be back

I'm with Rach .. please can we please have weekly (or more often) updates.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

That's very scarey !
But , by the time you've finished , it will be spectacular ... Be brave !!!