Tuesday, January 10, 2012

sticks and stones

the wall in the TV room
TV wall

plywood for the subfloor

white macabus will give the in-house geologist hours of fun

let's play follow the fault line

where will the sunlight fall in the new kitchen?
looking into kitchen

the beam above the doors has been opened to accommodate light fixtures

seaweed insulation still clings to a few bits of wood
seaweed insulation

tony the plumber has fixed up a temporary heat source to keep the pipes from freezing

funky cube heaters in graphic colours

Jigs has not figured out the upper level yet and looks lost when we call her
jigs looking up stairs

"where are we putting my new food bowl?"
jigs looking up

Almost all of the sticks are up and the walls have been defined. A new plywood subfloor was pounded into the lower level this week. The old floor was warped, broken and as dry as sawdust. This new layer will give the installers a better base for the flooring. We spent some time torturing the folks at Nova Tile and Marble. They indulged my indecision and allowed us to "browse" through their slabs of stone. When browsing involves cranes and hard hats, it tends to take a while. We chose a piece of White Macabus for the countertop. It's harder then granite and will laugh in the face of hot cookware. The geologist is pleased that a piece of nature will be his to study while he reads the morning newspaper.


rachel said...

Swoon.... I want it all. ALL!

BumbleVee said...

yeh... me too...that's what I'd want to know...where's the food bowl?

Renos....oh, man.... we've been at it too many years to count and now we are looking at redoing (is that a word)? some kitchen things and finishing off the stuff we have not finished over all the years.... it's a long and not alway fun road....and hopefully this time we'll get it all done and just enjoy it for many years.....