Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The boys from topsail are chewing through stacks of 2x4s as they frame up the new walls. The rough stairs to the second level are already in and Jigs has given them the wheaten terrier stamp of approval.

view from new office into foyer
office view to south

view from bedroom through 2nd level hall
2nd level hall looking south

the 2nd level hallway is open on both sides and we've started calling it "the bridge"
2nd level hall

2nd level view through bathroom wall
2nd level view thru bathroom

stairs in foyer

jigs at the top of the stairs
Jigs at top of stairs


rachel said...

Stark but beautiful. It's almost a shame to enclose it all, isn't it?

Susan said...

I'm lost now - 2 D girl has taken over. Look forward to more !