Monday, January 23, 2012

warm and scratchy

upstairs hallway

crawl space
a cozy crawl space...if I was a kid, I would make camp in here

TV Room-insulation
still life with pink bats

upper window with snow
the pink fluff will help keep the minus 13 on the outside

spray insulation
the lower level is getting spray foam insulation

spray insulation wall
kitchen wall

kitchen wall from foyer

insulation bridge
stud wall shadows

fire hatch
a "fireman's hatch" is required for the building code

Manifold detail
Tony the plumber has been carefully soldering up the heating manifold

Heating Manifold
I hope this thing comes with a manual

Jigs in doorway

I snuck over to the house early on Sunday morning and captured more of the construction progress. The place is a hive of activity and it is a challenge to find a moment when there are not crowds of builders crawling all over the site. This week the plumber created a copper masterpiece in the basement and the insulators filled all of the exterior walls with thick pink fiberglass and spray foam. The gyprock sheeting will soon cover the stud walls and the true sense of the space will be revealed. The play of light will change as we move closer to the completing the project. I am anxious to see where the light will move as wood frames become solid walls.


rachel said...

A fireman's hatch! How sensible. In my friend-of-a-friend's old cottage, the stairs are too narrow, steep and winding to allow for a coffin to be carried down, so under the rugs upstairs there is a hatch, in what is known locally as a "coffin drop ceiling"....

Peggy said...

Your heating hub looks so sexy - start designing nice labels now